About Mr. Girgin

Lawyer Yasin Girgin graduated from Ankara University Faculty of Law with honors in 1999 and began working as a lawyer after completing a one-year internship.

Except for a one-year judgeship between 2003-04, he has continuously pursued his profession without interruption.

Yasin Girgin, who also received a master’s education in the private law department – civil law chair, gained recognition for his column articles on current legal issues published for 120 weeks in Hürriyet Newspaper.

Author of two books on divorce cases in 2011 and 2013, Yasin Girgin has served as president, general secretary, and board member in various non-governmental organizations.

You can always reach lawyer Yasin Girgin by phone for cases related to uncontested and contested divorce, changing child custody, reducing or eliminating alimony, dividing marital property acquired during marriage, and seeking material and moral compensation for the spouse due to faults resulting in the filing of a divorce case.

Below are the areas of expertise. You can contact us for more information on these subjects:

    • Uncontested divorce cases
    • Contested divorce cases due to adultery
    • Divorce cases due to attempted murder, severe cruelty, or dishonorable behavior
    • Divorce cases due to committing a crime and leading an immoral life
    • Divorce cases due to abandonment
    • Divorce cases due to mental illness
    • Divorce cases due to the breakdown of marital unity
    • Divorce cases due to living separately
    • Child custody modification cases
    • Alimony cases, including increase, decrease, or termination of alimony
    • Material and moral compensation cases due to divorce reasons
    • Division of marital property acquired during marriage
    • Hiding assets from the spouse
    • Restraining order and objection to the restraining order
    • Lawsuit for the return of jewelry, wedding gifts, and gold given at the wedding

Our office applies the Istanbul Bar Association Attorney Fee Schedule, and you can also make all expense and attorney fee payments with a credit card.

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